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2025 Film Festival: March 6-11

What's the problem?

Mainstream media – all film, television, journalism, digital and print publications – are overwhelmingly created by men, especially white men. Women are only 17% of films directors from the top 250 films, they are outnumbered by men 3 to 1 as lead characters in family movies, and women are consistently portrayed exhibiting far more nudity than male characters, And those are just a few current examples. Think about the impact of these constant disparities, and you’ll get why media is important.

Why is this important?

Media influences everything: the way we walk and talk, the careers we seek, the partners we choose, the way we raise our children, the clothes and cars we buy, and the way we vote. A non-biased media is essential to progress toward gender equality.

What do we do?

International Film Festival: REEL EQUALS

March 6 – 11, 2025

For 25 years, the Reel Equals Film Festival has shared fresh voices and underrepresented perspectives with in-person and online audiences. We are known for presenting a carefully curated selection of shorts and feature films from all over the world. Our audiences see great films – and they also develop an understanding of how media shapes our behaviors and life choices, and why broader media representation is so critical.

Book Club

2:30-4:00 pm EST – 2nd Monday of every month

Zoom Or in-person

For more than 20 years members of our monthly Book Club have gathered and read books by women authors from around the world. We come together to discuss and learn and share each other’s company as we explore personal narratives about different countries.


Did you know that female artists represent only 11% of acquisitions at major museums and only 2% of the entire art market? That fewer than ⅕ of all photojournalists are women? And that men write the overwhelming majority of book reviews, even though women read more books? We have a some issues here, and we can change them!

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