Our History

Our History

Our History


In 1994, a committed group of women based in Sarasota, Florida, formed the Gulf Coast Chapter of UN Women USA, a national organization with a mission to support the work of UN Women global. For the next 28 years, this dedicated group hosted educational, social, and fundraising events: luncheons, book club meetings, an annual film festival, walks against violence, and much more. 

Our Chapter, the GCC,  became one of the largest and most successful of the seven US Chapters, raising money for the valuable work of UN Women and their activities in 95 countries. Many of our Gulf Coast Chapter members had long connections to UN Women and to supporting women’s rights in other countries and they embraced this mission with gusto.

Moving Forward

In 2022, UN Women USA disbanded its seven US Chapters, including the Gulf Coast Chapter, in order to focus exclusively on messaging and fundraising from their national office. Their work, and their member donations, will continue to benefit UN Women and its important gender equality goals. 

However, our Chapter leadership and members felt it was critical to continue our in-person, local events to advance women’s rights and gender equality. We also became increasingly concerned about the rights of women, LGBTQIA, and non-binary people here in the US as longstanding rights appeared under attack in unprecedented ways.

A New Organization

Out of these changes this new organization was born: Through Women’s Eyes. 

If you knew us as the Gulf Coast Chapter, we’re so glad you’re still with us! Some of what we do will be familiar to you, and some will be new. Get on our mailing list, join us in person, and please let us know what you think. Team.throughwomenseyes@gmail.com

If you’re visiting us for the first time, welcome! Know that you have an experienced, committed leadership team, and a diverse group of members who look forward to meeting you. Sign up for our mailing list, watch for our events, look for our social media posts, and come to an in-person event! We can’t wait to work together for gender equality.

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