Our Principles

Our Principles

Our Principles

Understanding the root causes of gender inequality is fundamental to bringing about change.

Understanding root causes helps people channel their voices and actions into the most effective, long-lasting change. And unless we focus on this systemic change, our actions will be just band-aids, helpful to a few individuals in the short term but destined to fail in the long run. We can do better.

Systemic and social changes needed for equality take time, so NOW is the time to start!

There is no quick fix to changing deep-seated social and cultural beliefs or reforming the legal and economic systems that perpetuate inequality. And in many countries, including the US, rights are now under extraordinary attack. We believe there is no time to waste.

Collaboration is critical.

We work with other organizations and we create events to bring people together; we find strength and comfort in solidarity. Our members appreciate the opportunity to join with one another and increase their impact through collective action.

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